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 The internet

The internet is a group of computers, called a network, that links them throughout the United States and also to other countries around the world. It was developed originally as a method of communication between research scientists. During the mid 1990s, it became popular with personal computer users and it was becoming a common form of telecommunication.

Since the introduction of television in the late 1940s, this was the most important change in telecommunications due to the dramatic growth in the number of persons using this network.

The communications technology was unregulated, and this sudden popularity caused various issues for the USA law.

The Net (Internet), was developed in 1969 for the US defense department.

The researchers experimented with different methods to communicate with each other using computers. It was used originally to link only four separate sites at research institutes and universities in the US. Primarily the first users were scientists. At that time, it was known  as the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network).

Other countries, in the early 1970s, began to join the network. Within ten  years, administrators, researchers and students throughout the world had easy    access. The ARPANET was dismantled in 1990 as the National Science Foundation (NSF) became the NSF Network (NSFNET) and is now the technical body for all the United States Internet communications.

As the general population discovered the power of this new medium during the 1990s, the Internet grew at a fast pace. The communications started out in the form of written text in an electronic forum (Usenet news groups.) These were articles and electronic mail (e-mail).

The World Wide Web appeared mid 1990s, and this increased the popularity of the Internet

With its multimedia interface, resembling pages in a magazine, it put pictures, audio, and video together, now known as web pages.

The Internet in now the most common communication method, to search and find data on almost any topic.

The Internet caught the legal system unprepared. There was little legislation from Congress before 1996 regarding this type of telecommunication.

In an effort to make it illegal to read private e-mail, the (ECPA) Electronic Communications Privacy Act was passed by Congress in 1986.

This act was an extension of the protection that existed with conventional mail.

Although the Post office is restricted in reading private letters, the ECPA allows companies to read their staff emails.

Although this act was intended to provide protection against industrial spying, it has caused lawsuits from those who considered this to be an invasion of privacy. However, Employers, with the support of the Federal courts, can secretly monitor all e-mail, therefore, personal e-mail has no privacy.

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